High-pressure water jetting is a technique that plumbers have used as far back as the 1950s. But modern-day technological advancements have made it an effective option for a much wider range of common residential plumbing tasks. It involves a substantial volume of water directed through a pipe at high pressure. With that in mind, let’s explore why you may want to choose hydro jetting over alternative methods.

1. Versatility

One of the big changes over the years is the array of applications where hydro jetting is suitable. Homeowners often associate it with sewer lines. But plumbers can now use it for clogged kitchen drains, bathroom sinks, tubs and showers, floor drains, laundry lines and much more.

It’s also suitable for most plumbing materials. That includes plastic pipes like PVC, CVPC and PEX. Metal pipes, such as steel and copper, are fine candidates. Cast iron is all right too. You can also hydro jet pipes made from cement, resin-based materials and even clay. With some materials like clay, age is a concern, and hydro jetting may not be suitable depending on its condition.

2. Remove Clogs

Hydro jetting is an effective and non-invasive way to remove clogs. This process doesn’t just remove them but eliminate any traces of them. Homeowners can expect an immediate and full return to the pipe’s maximum capacity as soon as the job is complete. This process is also more affordable because it’s faster, and there’s typically no need to excavate and replace pipes.

3. Prevent New Clogs

Most traditional clog removal methods, such as rooting, leave behind residual accumulation. Hydro jetting does not. It cleans the pipe walls entirely of grease, sludge, soap and even calcification. An issue with rooting is that the reclogging process can begin almost as soon as the removal is complete. With hydro jetting, homeowners can go many years without ever experiencing the same kind of blockage again.

4. Remove Bacterial Buildup

If you’re experiencing bad smells coming from your sinks, drains and toilets, hydro jetting is often the solution. Those smells are the result of bacterial growth in your pipes, and they can cause more than an annoyance. Prolonged exposure to them can lead to health issues. When you hydro jet, it eliminates all of that matter. That includes iron and sulfur bacteria, calcium buildups and foreign objects that can serve as a breeding ground.

5. No Chemicals

Chemicals were often needed for this type of deep pipe cleaning before hydro jetting became so sophisticated. There are a number of downsides to chemicals strong enough to clean like this. The chemicals can affect the integrity of the pipe and lead to corrosion. They also have an environmental impact because they make it into the groundwater and nearby lakes and streams. With hydro jetting, none of this is a concern because the plumber only uses water.

6. Tree Root Removal

A tree’s feeder roots extend out from their anchor roots in search of moisture and nutrients. They generally live within six inches of the surface soil. That makes sewer lines an attractive destination because they often give off nutrient-rich water vapor. Feeder roots can exploit nearly imperceptible imperfections that weren’t even leaking. Once in the sewer line, they soon expand to the entire diameter and continue to grow forward down the length of the line.

This type of growth is a significant problem that will eventually compromise the pipe. Prior to hydro jetting, the solutions were often quite invasive and led to expensive repairs. But this isn’t the case with hydro jetting. This method can clear out the entire root network quickly and easily with just high-pressure water. In many cases, no excavation is needed, or at least it is limited to a small area for crack repair.

7. More Sanitary

Unclogging a pipe can be a dirty job. When dealing with a sewer line, you run the risk of exposing the plumber to wastewater, your property and perhaps even your home. That isn’t the case with hydro jetting. All of the wastewater is push through the pipe away from your property. If repairs are needed, your plumber is now working in much more sanitary conditions.

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