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Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning has been in business in Southwest Florida since 2007. We’ll treat your family’s plumbing needs as though they were our own.

Kenny Lowe, President of Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a Florida state-certified Master Plumber. Rachael Lowe (Vice-President) manages the office and the scheduling that goes along with it. Our service technicians handle all types of plumbing needs in Charlotte, Lee and southern Sarasota counties.

Our Story

Port Charlotte’s economy was in a downfall at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007. Kenny, who had been working for another plumbing company, was let go because of the failing economy in southwest Florida. Rachael had been waitressing at that time but agreed that they needed a better future for their family. They put their heads together and decided to start their own plumbing business. To choose a logo, Kenny sat down with the kids one evening, and the family drew up a bunch of samples. Originally the logo was going be a picture of Titan, the family dog! But Kenny’s drawing of a Super Toilet won the kids over. The kids called him Z, the Super Toilet—that is how we got our name! With a unanimous decision on the logo, Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning was born!

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The couple worked out of their house at first, with Rachael doing all the office work and Kenny handling all HVAC and plumbing needs. They went door-to-door introducing themselves in several neighborhoods, and soon their plumbing business began to grow purely by word of mouth. With a reputation for honest, efficient, fair and reasonably-priced services, Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning was spreading like wildfire!

Shortly after their growth, Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning became an independent plumbing contractor for Lowe’s, a home improvement store. Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning handled plumbing installations for Port Charlotte, North Port, and Venice stores. With those three stores and the continued word-of-mouth advertising, Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning was growing by leaps and bounds!

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At the beginning of 2011, Kenny and Rachael decided to take on two Lee County stores in Fort Myers. This helped their growing business thrive through the summer’s slow season. As summer came to an end, the company added two more Lee County stores to their list. They were now servicing seven Lowes stores! All this time, the business kept growing and growing… they were obviously doing something right! In January of 2012, Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning added the Estero Lowes to their repertoire.

As their business kept expanding, it seemed as though their house was shrinking, and Rachael was becoming overwhelmed with office work! In April of 2012, Rachael and Kenny agreed that the house wasn’t large enough to accommodate the growing business. As Rachel remarked, “If we’re going to have an office, we might as well have a showroom!” So in the spring of 2012, Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning introduced a new office and showroom!

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In 2020, Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning merged with Dr. Cool to create Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning, and in 2021 the two companies began to operate as one company: Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

This brings us to the present day. Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning continues to grow, Kenny and Rachael are thrilled with the success of their plumbing and air conditioning business, but they vow never to forget that service is what Titanz Plumbing & Air Conditioning is all about!

As their slogan says, “We do solemnly swear to run a fair and honest business!”